Just Founder

I’ve always wanted to start something of my own, and since I’ve started Just Lotion I’ve learnt it truly starts with one step. Before JL, I wanted to start a fin tech after my MBA. It never took off because I wasn’t prepared for the big leaps involved and financial risks to personally commit to a large idea. So, I just started with baby steps and a smaller, more digestible concept to me. I want to say that there are certainly days where I feel I can’t do this, but that future of not doing it is a choice and I can also choose to just do one more step forward. It’s wild that it really is a choice, and I really believe in the opportunities ahead for this company. 


I’m passionate about contributing to the zero waste lifestyle; hey, even if one person who wasn’t previously a zero waste lotion buyer before chooses JL, that's one less container in the landfill. One step at a time, I think that will reduce a sizable amount of waste. After all, I’m just getting started.

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